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The following documents have been reproduced from the published volumes of The Papers of Jefferson Davis. They appear as they are printed, with spelling, grammar, punctuation, and abbreviations as written (editorial methodology appears in each volume). The extensive annotation that accompanies these documents is not included here. More material will be added over time.

From Volume 1:
From Volume 2:
From Volume 3:
From Volume 4:
From Volume 5:
From Volume 6:
  • To Franklin Pierce, December 1, 1856
    --Report on the Operations of War Department
  • Speech at Boston, Mass., October 11, 1858
    --most famous of his New England speeches,
    which positioned him as a national Democrat, much
    to the consternation of many Mississippians
  • Resolutions on the Relations of the States, February 2, 1860
    --probably the most notable legislation Davis ever introduced,
    the basis of the southern position at the 1860 Democratic convention
  • Reply to William H. Seward, February 29, 1860
    --responding to remarks of his personal friend but philosophical
    enemy, defends slavery and asks why northerners continue to seek
    its destruction
  • Address to the National Democracy, May 7, 1860
    --attempts to maintain both party and southern unity in the wake of
    the split of the Democratic party
  • Speech at Washington, D.C., July 9, 1860
    --campaigning for Breckinridge, notes the threat that Lincoln and
    the Republicans pose
  • To Robert Barnwell Rhett, Jr., November 10, 1860
    --urges caution and cooperation among the southern states in
    the wake of Lincoln's election
From Volume 7:
From Volume 8:
From Volume 9:
From Volume 10:
From Volume 11:
From Volume 12:
  • To Nelson A. Miles, June 30, 1865
    --asks permission to correspond with his wife, keep spare clothing in his cell, and address other issues with his confinement
  • To Varina Howell Davis, August 21, 1865
    --first letter written from prison to his wife
  • From Judah P. Benjamin, May 28, 1867
    --expresses sentiment of friends upon granting of bail
  • To Joseph E. Davis, July 22, 1867
    --from Canada reports on family, business ventures, and politics
  • To A. Dudley Mann, November 4, 1868
    --comments on his upcoming trial and the recent presidential election
  • To Isham G. Harris, June 22, 1869
    --response to a job offer
  • Speech at Richmond, [November 3, 1870]
    --speaks at the formation of the Lee Monument Association
From Volume 13:

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