Death and Burial

Brackets indicate dates and entries that follow logically from information in primary sources but are not explicitly stated.

Over Varina's objections, travels to Brierfield via New Orleans; ill by the time boat reaches Brierfield on the 6th, so taken on to Vicksburg; goes back to Brierfield the next day
November 12
Taken to New Orleans on a steamboat; Varina meets the vessel while traveling upriver; both lodge with longtime friend Jacob U. Payne, a cotton merchant, at this home in the Garden District at the corner of First and Camp
December 5
Utters last words, reported to have been "Pray excuse me, I cannot take it" (in reference to medicine being offered him by Varina)
December 6
Dies at 12:45 a.m., most likely of pneumonia  
December 7-11
A reported 70,000+ people view body at New Orleans City Hall
December 11
Before an estimated 200,000 people, body laid to rest in    
Belford Company publishes Varina Davis' two-volume Jefferson Davis, A Memoir
Varina Davis moves to New York City to pursue a literary career; she dies October 16, 1906
May 27
Davis' body removed from vault in Metairie Cemetery
May 28
Funeral train leaves New Orleans with body; Margaret and Addison Hayes on board along with Winnie Davis; makes stop at Beauvoir before continuing eastward
May 29
Body lies in state at Alabama capitol and Georgia capitol
May 30
Lies in state at the capitol in Raleigh
May 31
Train reaches Richmond; Varina Davis meets her daughters there; 75,000 people witness procession to Hollywood Cemetery, beginning at 3 p.m.; to a 21-gun salute, Davis' body is reinterred.
October 17
Joint resolution passed by Congress and signed by Jimmy Carter restores Davis' citizenship, effective December 25, 1868

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