Military Service

As second lieutenant, serves at various posts in Missouri, Illinois, and in Iowa and Wisconsin Territories
Escorts Chief Black Hawk from Wisconsin to St. Louis (there is no evidence that Davis actually fought in the Black Hawk War)
On recruiting duty; assigned to 1st Dragoons and promoted to first lieutenant; serves in Indian Territory
February 19
Acquitted in court-martial on charge of bad conduct
May 12
Resignation from army officially forwarded to headquarters
June 17
Marries Sarah Knox Taylor (daughter of Zachary Taylor) near Louisville, Kentucky; leaves with bride for Mississippi (see also Davis' letter to Sarah, Dec. 12, 1834)
September 15
Sarah Knox Taylor Davis dies at Locust Grove plantation near Bayou Sara, Louisiana; Davis seriously ill
Travels to Havana, Cuba, to recover health; returns via New York and Washington

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