Mexican War and Senate


Brackets indicate dates and entries that follow logically from information in primary sources but are not explicitly stated.

May 11
Votes in favor of bill declaring that a state of war exists between the United States and Mexico
May 12
Writes statement concerning the Oregon Territory
June 18
Elected colonel of the 1st Mississippi Regiment
July 4
Leaves Washington
July 18
Assumes command in New Orleans
July 26
Sails from New Orleans
Regiment moves into Mexico
September 21-23
Commands regiment in Battle of Monterrey (see Zachary Taylor's official reports of the 22d, 23d, and 25th)
September 24-25
Helps negotiate capitulation of Monterrey (battle and surrender are described in Davis' letter to Joseph E. Davis, Sept. 25, 1846)
October 18
Brother forwards Davis' letter of resignation from Congress
October [19 or 20]
Leaves for U.S. on sixty-day furlough
November 10
Speaks at Vicksburg
December [25]
Meets Zachary Taylor near Montemorelos; proceeds with him to Victoria
January 4
Rejoins 1st Mississippi in Victoria
February 23
Wounded while leading the 1st Mississippi in the Battle of Buena Vista (see also Zachary Taylor's report, in which Davis and the regiment are praised)
March [25 or 26]
Leaves Saltillo, where he had been recuperating, for Monterrey, arriving on the 27th
May 17
Appointed brigadier general
Briefly rejoins regiment before leaving for U.S.
June 6
Arrives at New Orleans
June [16]
Returns to Brierfield
June 20
Declines appointment as brigadier general
August 10
Appointed interim United States senator by Governor Albert G. Brown
September 19
Writes Charles J. Searles on the political situation in the nation
November 11
Leaves Davis Bend for Washington
December 6
Takes seat in Senate
January 11
Elected U.S. senator by Mississippi legislature
Visits Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisiana between sessions; tends to Brierfield business
December 4
Present for opening of second session of Congress
Serves in Senate; visits Mississippi between sessions (see Davis' letter to John J. Crittenden, Jan. 30, and his Speech at Jackson, May 7, for his general views at the time)
January 29
Speaks against Henry Clay's compromise resolutions on the day they are presented (will speak often against them in 1850-51)
February 12
Reelected to Senate; speaks on extension of slavery into the territories
[cFebruary 15]
Meets with Narciso López; declines command of Cuban expeditionary force; recommends Robert E. Lee
Appointed to Senate committee that accompanies the body of John C. Calhoun to South Carolina
July 9, 13
Present at death of Zachary Taylor; seated with family at funeral
August 13
Votes against admission of California
August 23
Votes for fugitive slave bill
September 16
Votes against bill to abolish slave trade in the District of Columbia
September 30
Congress adjourns
Speaks in central Mississippi (see his letter to Lowndes County citizens, Nov. 22); tends to Brierfield business
December 5
Takes seat in Senate
September 17
Accepts nomination as gubernatorial candidate
September 23
Resigns as senator
November 3-4
Narrowly defeated by Henry S. Foote in election
July 30
Son Samuel Emory Davis born

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