Jefferson Davis to Joseph E. Davis

Monter[r]ey [Mexico], Sept. 25th, 1846.

My Dear Brother:-- The town is ours after a severe conflict. The Mississippians were brought into action on the 21st and performed some brilliant service. On the 22nd preparations were made, and we held an advance post. On the morning of the 23rd we (the Mississippians) opened the action early, and continued firing and advancing into the town until near sunset, when we were ordered to withdraw. On the 24th propositions having been received to capitulate, Gen. Worth, and Gen. Henderson of Texas, and myself, were appointed commissioners to arrange the terms of capitulation. We agreed, and the papers have been exchanged. It was reported to us, by the Mexican General, that Mexico had received commissioners from the United States.-- They were whipped, and we could afford to be generous. We hope soon to return as the war is probably over.

With love to all--I am your brother.

From The Papers of Jefferson Davis, Volume 3, pp. 24-25. Transcribed from the Vicksburg Weekly Sentinel, October 27, 1846.

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